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Whatever your event needs we can bring it from a great concept into reality. As well as operating our own branded and immersive experiences, we can also help if you have an idea for a project, event, product or brand that you would like to bring to life. With our events team having years of experience in event management, theatrical shows and even military experience we can make it happen, be a massive success and memorable for all the right reasons.
From experiential marketing campaigns and publicity stunts, to corporate events to wow and amaze or even theatrical themed wedding receptions, if you can imagine it we can make it happen.

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What We Do

We've got it covered to make your event GREAT!


We’ll liaise with you all the way with excitement to help bring your idea  and brief into a reality, the more successful your project or event is the more successful we become.
Of course we won’t keep quiet though if we see any pitfalls or if we have thoughts and ideas that could add gravity to your project or event that could help maximise it’s exposure.



We’ve all got a budget we have to stick to, so with that in mind we will advise you on what is feasible and what is not, however we progress forward with your project or event we guarantee  it will be the very best it can be for your budget.
So whatever your budget great or small we’re confident we can deliver the very best value.



It’s collaboration that produces the strongest results. We have developed contacts and suppliers of fantastic quality and reliability over time, be that prop or set designers, staffing, venue sourcing, or even stage lighting and fairground rides we have access to it all to ensure the success and quality of your project or event goes with a bang.



Let us take the headache of designing your project or event, with our team of planners it’s a piece of cake. Right from Concept, budgeting, sourcing, costing through to website design and social marketing, liaising with suppliers and staff, our in house event management team can do it all.



Months ahead of your project or event date we will have a detailed plan in place of what
everyone can expect on the day. From crowd and traffic management to food and refreshments there will be a plan for it all. We even liaise with local authorities and police forces to ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible and we’ll keep you briefed along the journey.


Set Up - Build - Delivery - Set Down

If required our build team will be on site days before building  any set designs or logistics routes  are on their way to completion, and thus making sure that on the day your experience with us  will be stress free, calm and relaxed and that your safe knowing we have everything in hand.
During the build up to event we’ll liaise  with you with progress reports.

We know what a chore and headache any set down can be, especially  after working hard at a project or event for days. We have our very own in house set down team so that you have the piece of mind that when its over its over!. All that we ask is that you let us know what to do with it all whether it is to be destroyed or placed into a safe storage of your choice.

Case Studies

We love what we do, check out some of our latest projects

The Walking Dead (part 1)

Publicity Stunt

The Walking Dead 100 - FoxTV.

The Walking Dead (part 2)

Publicity Stunt

The Walking Dead 100 - FoxTV.

World of Tanks

Tanks vs Zombies - Viral Video Production

In September 2017 we collaborated with WarGaming Europe for a viral marketing video production called “Tanks vs Zombies Survival Guide” to promote their “World of Tanks” online gaming platform. .

North V South Combat Festival

Logistics & Support Services

With over 3,000 Paintball and Airsoft gamers to arrange and organise security, camping and gaming scenarios for, the planning and execution for this military combat themed event was paramount to it’s overall success and fluidity. With 10 months of pre planning and meetings with the Ministry of Defence, we helped Warped Sports to organise this popular combat Festival by providing support services and planning.

Service List

Service list

Some of the services we can offer.

Our Clients

Ace Group Events have been honored to partner up with these clients as well as many more.

Many of our clients come from word of mouth recommendations from existing clients who have partnered with us before, they trust in our ability and commitment to deliver, many come back time and again to collaborate with us in order to create fantastic, exciting and head turning projects, publicity stunts and experiential events.

Meet The Team

Our Core Team

Carl Rackham Partner - Event Manager - Head of Event Strategic Planning and I.T. Author image
Telephone: 07786 192832 Email:

Carl is one of the partners and Head of our Event Strategic Planning and I.T. department, he comes from both an event organising and theatrical background and has a passion for all things horror and military related, is meticulous with planning and delivery with great organisation skills.

Paul Evans Partner - Event Manager - Head of SFX and Creative Design Department Author image
Telephone: 07758 949032 Email:

Paul is the other partner and Head of our SFX and Creative Design Department, he comes from a sales and marketing background, has a passion for the creative, is skilled in SFX and Make Up Artistry and has a history of interest for the zombie and horror genre.

Kevin Downward Event Manager - Head of Event Communications, Weapons and Pyrotechnic Effects Author image
Telephone: 07490 211929 Email:

Kevin comes from a Military, Police and Security background, holds the Nebosh International Certificate in Health and Safety. Kevin brings his Military experience to every event ensuring planning and delivery go as smoothly as possible as well as maintaining this role he is also our Head of Event Communications, Weapons and Pyrotechnic Special Effects.

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Reach out to us - or just say hello.

Are you ready for your next big project or event? If so it may be time to drop us a line and find out how we can help.

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